Nama : Noor Fitriana Hastuti

NIM : M0508059

English Assignment

One upon a time, there was a mouse deer, he looked sleepy. His eyes felt heavy to be opened. “Hoaaaam…” The mouse deer yawning. Because the weather was bright enough, the mouse deer felt in vain if he didn’t do anything . Then He began to walk to the forest to chase away his sleepiness. Reached the top of a hill, the Mouse deer shout with arrogant that he was the the most intelligent, clever, and smart animal in this forest, nobody can surpass his intelligence.
After that, the Mouse deer started walking down the hill. When he reached the river, he met with a snail. The snail said, “Hai Mouse Deer, why are you shouting? Are you having fun? ", The Mouse Deer answer with arrogant. "No, I just wanted to tell all the animal of the forest that I was the most intelligent animals, clever and smart". “what arrogant you are, I'm the most intelligent animals in the forest", said the Snail. "Hahahaha it’s impossible” said the mouse deer. The Snail invite the mouse deer to hold race challenge tomorrow morning to prove it and mouse deer accept the challenge. Finally, they both agreed to hold a race tomorrow morning.

After the Mouse deer gone, the snail quickly invite his friends. He asks for help to his friends lined up and hid in the race track, and said if the deer call.

Finally, the challenge day has arrived, deer and snails were ready to race. "Are you ready to race with me", said the deer. "Of course I have, and I'll win", said the snail. Then the snails allows mouse deer to run before and called to make sure.

Mouse deer walk with ease, and felt confident that he will win. After a few steps, the deer tried to call the snail. "Snail.... where are you?", Cried the deer. "I was in front of you?", Cried the snails. Mouse deer was amazed, and immediately sped up. Then he called the snail again, and the snail replied with the same word. 'I have in front of you! "

Mouse deer ran on, until finally he saw the finish line. Mouse deer very happy because when he calls the snail, there is no answer again. Mouse deer felt that he was the winner of that race.
What a surprise, the mouse deer, because he saw the snail was sitting on a rock near the finish line. "hei mouse deer, why are you so long?", Shouted the snail. With bowed head, the mouse deer over to the snail and admit defeat. "So do not get arrogant, you're so clever and intelligent, but you are not the most intelligent and clever", said the snail. "Yah, I'm sorry snails, I would not be arogant again", said the Mouse deer.

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